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Rab and NKBV give used fabrics a second life in the mountains

Rab Service Centre creates recycled gear bags with Second Stitch® for NKBV's gear rental program

Our Leusden Service Centre created Second Stitch® gear bags for the NKBV, the Royal Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Club.

Each of the 25 bags is unique and made from used fabric and offcuts from obsolete showroom banners. They will be used for NKBV’s rental program to transfer ropes, harnesses, helmets, crampons, ice axes and other equipment from The Netherlands to the starting point of Alpine courses. The program facilitates easier access to NKBV courses and helps reduce wasteful single-use purchases. Rab are proud to be NKBV’s gear partner and pleased to play a part in a program that champions waste reduction and access to the outdoors.

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