International Lowe Alpine support

Occasionally buckles break, fabric wears out or your pack just needs some maintenance. In these cases, we have a number of international agencies and distributors who may be able to help. Please use the map below to get in touch with the Lowe Alpine contact in your country.  


Boer Repair Service in Holland

Repair Service Boer is a well established dedicated repair facility for backpacks and boots. In their fully equipped workshop in the centre of the Netherlands, their skilled craftsmen will inspect and assess the returned products, make an immediate judgement on whether the issue is within the Lowe Alpine warranty conditions or not and then quickly inform the customer.
Replacement or repair will normally follow within a few days. If the warranty does not apply, the consumer will be contacted to discuss the option of a chargeable professional repair at a reasonable cost.
Logistics are a strong point at Boer, the objective being to finalize all claims within two working weeks. To visit their website, please click HERE 










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